Buenas noches mis subcriptores ojala q esten todos bien porque aca estamos buenisimo. (Goodnight my dear subscribers I hope you all are doing good because we sure are). Today we worked really hard in executing our CAP (Community Action Project), which means working in the Riobamba community to make a difference for the better. We are specifically working in a school shared by kids and adults. Due to covid, the maintenance in the school was unkept which caused it to look abandoned and unattended. This is where we step in and make a difference.

Once stepping into this school all of us noticed that it was actually time to finally fulfill our purpose of being here. Since we were leaders of the day it was our job to assist our peers in the best way possible by using their strengths to complete their ideas. For instance, Isaac, Damien, Rhea, Lauren, and Nelson helped paint a bright blue backdrop for our artist. Briana (me), Madison, and Jleigh to paint girasoles, (sunflowers) and una capa de graduacion, (graducation cap). Another team had a great idea to paint one of the walls black like a chalkboard. Those teenagers were Shay, Jadah, and Imani, who designed this image so kids could creatively express themselves. They can also erase their art if they felt embarrassed or can come back to it in a safe place to write freely. A few more bright souls had the idea to replace old plants with fresh new ones. Layla (me), Elizabeth, Katherine, and our amazing GGLs Ingrid and Stephanie helped with this process of planting flowers of the color of the Ecuadorian Bandera, (flag). Our final group of amazing athletic intellectuals named Jeremy, Bryan, and Reid helped with taping around chipped paint and have a new idea on how to paint the recessed area. With everyone’s help, we accomplished way more than we expected too. BIG LOVES TO OUR FRIENDS muah.

With our hard work and kind GGLs, we were allowed to explore the beautiful city that Riobamba had to offer. Alluring Parque Sucre, donde fuimos de comprasss. (Where we went shoppinggg). Y gastamos todo el dinero que horamos, (and we spent all the money we saved). A few of us bought souvenirs to take back home. A lot of us were excited to get our names and friends’ names engraved on either a small wooden or metal bracelet. So when your child comes back home do not forget to ask about your bracelet. The next stop was Plaza Roja where we bought more souvenirs and gifts to take home. Lastly, it was a wild fun trip to the supermarket. WE WENT CRAZYYYYYYY!!! Everyone scattered like Manhattan Time Square rats. We pushed and shoved as if it was Black Friday and everything was going on sale but it wasn’t. Turns out everyone has an obsession and a place in their heart for food.

Being Lider Del Dia was not as tough as we thought it was going to be even though we started rough with groups it was easy to keep everyone on track. Briana (me) found being the leader of the day very entertaining and fun. I did activities which I would never do at home such as paint and get dirty, normally I would freak out when there’s a teeny bit of paint or dirt and get disgusted but here oh boy have I changed, I had paint in my pants arms and face and girl did I enjoy getting splashes of paint. Anyways, I really enjoyed translating what we would eat and painting and goofing around with my friends. Now the second leader of the day Layla (me). My experience with being the leader of the day was a rollercoaster of emotions. The beginning was like any stereotypical Monday. Waking up early is not for everybody or just doing things early morning can be tough. But everybody contributed what they could, nothing less but definitely more. I found it tough to lead since it was a bigger group than what I was used to, but I absolutely enjoyed it and wouldn’t take back a second of it.

A big shoutout to our driver Don Alonzo for always getting us to our destinations safely. To Paul for driving back and forth for more supplies. As well Leydi for helping us with the painting process. The teachers for sharing their cultural food with us, (mote, pork, and red onions). An overall thank you to the people who supported us and helped us today to make today a better day.

Buenas dias mami, papi, y julito si estan leando esto no mas les quiero decir hola y como estan y que les quiero mucho. Si vieron estuve sacando plantas ya le puedo ayudar en la casa 😉 jijiji. Chiste esto es solo para este programa, me pagas. Jaja les quiero mucho y les veo viernes chau!! <3 -Garapata


Heyyyy, madre y padre!!! Una platica q vamos a tener girl you guys going to be tired of me! Nah, I know darn well ya miss me! Los extrano muchisimo. Estoy contenta estar aqui pero quiero ir a mi casa and I better get some great Mexican Food! Oh and I definitely miss MI CAMA AND TU CAMA! Los amo a todos y les mando un  abrazo y un beso grandisimo. I miss ya guys. MAMA Y PAPA Y MIS HERMANOS Y MIS ANIMALES LOVE YOUUU!!! MUA! (;