Today we all started the day bright and early by having the first wake up call at 6:30. Our host Dilenia made us a delicious breakfast (eggs with mixed vegetables and peppers, toast with strawberry jam, and hot chocolate) at 7am . Afterwards we had our mental warm up at 8:20 to prepare us for our following activity, visiting the local landfill. At 8:30 we got on the bus and made our way to the vetedero (landfill). Once there we were faced with several people who worked there or lived in tents with the garbage. We split off into groups and each went to meet our “host.” Once it was 10, we finished our edifying conversations and started flying kites with the workers while still keeping a united and connected feel. We spent time together just having fun and then shared the big love in our “perfect” circle.

Once back at Dilienia’s we all took mandatory showers and self reflected on what we saw at the landfill. At 12 we had lunch (chili and white rice) and afterwards quickly got ready to make our way to CECAINI, a Christian school that offers education to students who have suffered from parents who don’t worry enough about them. This organization offered food, clothes, and several opportunities for students to learn the core subjects, English, and religion. While there we received an introduction from Gamariel, a Pastor and current teacher, and then played with the students for the remainder of the time. Some glimpsers even helped a fellow GG partner, Ken, to paint a mural at the school. Even when it started raining, the glimpsers stayed outside playing games and sports with the children until 3 where we went back to Dilenia’s to get ready for English tutoring. At 4:40 after having prepared for our classes and changed into our professional wear, we walked to Arroyo Arriba. Once there we saw how children, teenagers, and adults poured into the school, excited to get started. At 7 we watched as all the students left and we started making our way back.

At 7:20 we had our dinner (mangú, mixed vegetables, ham, and cheese) for those who don’t eat pork. Afterwards at 8:40 we had our nightly meeting we reviewed the day as a whole and had a great conversation regarding the difference the poverty here and back at home. We shared ideas for how to combat this poverty and what we as willing student could do. After our meeting we all went to bed at 10 and now await Adventure Fun day in the morning.