Hello everyone!!! It’s Destheny and Mayra, today’s group leaders. On this day we had our wake-up call at 7:30am and breakfast at 8:30am. For breakfast today we had pancakes with scrambled eggs and fruits. After breakfast we had our quick mental warm-up before departing to Las Trillizas (the name of the waterfall) When we arrived we hiked down to the waterfall leading to a couple of slips. Although there were many stumbles everyone arrived safely to our destination. At our destination, we saw the beautiful view of the waterfall surrounded by the beauty of nature. Once everyone got into the water we were able to see how far our group has come in forming into a family and bonding with one another. When it was time to leave the waterfall we hiked back up to have lunch at the local restaurant. At the restaurant, they provided us with a variety of foods that we could choose from as well as agua frescas. After our lunch we headed back to the base house, once we arrived some glimpsers used their downtime to join our GG leaders on a walk to the city to get snacks, while others chose to stay at the base house to have fun in the pool and make spaghetti. When our downtime was over we had our CAP seminar 3, which provided us with the information we will need for our community work. After our meeting, we had our dinner. For dinner, we had rice with beans and chicken soup, with salad on the side. Lastly, we had our nightly meeting passing the torch to our next strong and wonderful LDDs.(Leaders of the day)

Mayra- Being able leader today was one of the best things I have experienced because I was able to get out of my comfort zone. Today I was able to speak louder and interact with others. Today´s quote of the day was, ¨We are not rich by what we possess, but by what we can do without¨. Today, this made me think about how it is not about how much money you have, but the action you have to give what you have. The visit to the waterfall made me think about how others would interact with each other and how we can help each other.

Destheny-  Being today’s leader was a good learning experience because it had me on the spot speaking up to my fellow glimpsers and being in charge of today’s activities. I learned that being out of your comfort zone can help you be more confident in your speaking and put more thought into what you say and do as a leader. I felt very ready for today because of our group leaders Heather and Lolita, they gave wonderful advice to the leaders before me that I took into consideration and used for today.