Hey guys, my name is Joanna Villeda and I was leader of the day for fun day. Today’s activity for today was going to Pico de Garza, which is an island located on a small island on the lake of Nicaragua. Wake up call was at 7:30 am, but as usual I was already up before then and so was everyone else. So our transportation for today was at first we took a bus which was about 10-15 minutes, and then we took another 10-15 minute boat ride. The main challenge for today was to sit next to someone who we have not sat next so far on our bus rides. So for today’s “Fun day” we went to Pico de Garza which had 3 pools, diving deck, and paddle boarding, which was obviously super fun and cool. Everyone had a really good time and seemed to enjoy today so much. Being able to swim and swim all day long and relax and do what we could on the island was very fun. During our time on the island there were many pictures taken in groups and individually. Once it was time to leave the island we were all pretty bummed because the island was very fun and beautiful, but it also just had finished raining on us which was actually pretty amazing. When we got back to the hostel we had free time, which meant that we had the opportunity to go out of the hostel and see around Granada on our own in groups, so a big group of people decided to go out while the rest stayed back and listened to music, danced, sang, and just enjoyed the time we had. After our free time we had dinner and after dinner we started nightly meeting a bit early so we could have more free time later in the night before lights out. Today in nightly meeting we did a survey about our stay here in Granada, then we did our routine of nightly meeting. Once that ended we played a game called “guess that tone” which was actually pretty fun to play, I personally believe that everyone had really fun. Overall today’s fun day was actually pretty fun, it was filled with many great memories and filled with many things to do and activities to do.


P.S This is Faith! I just want to do a shoutout to my crazy big family! I miss you all so much and I can’t wait to see you all in a few days!