Today was immigration day and for me, it was a day in which I faced a very important and needed trail in my life. As leader of the day, I needed to be on top of things since the start of the day, in order to make sure everyone would know what was expected and what was required of them. Waking up earlier than everyone was a bit difficult but was just something that I needed to do to be prepared for the entire day ahead of me. After waking everyone up in the morning, we were greeted by an amazing morning breakfast prepared by the wonderful lady’s of the kitchen.

After breakfast, the morning for our group consisted of an immigration activist guest speaker who came to our location to show us a documentary on the problematic issue that is effecting Haitian immigrants as well as for their children born in the Dominican Republic. After watching this documentary, I felt that just about everyone learned a lot about the struggles brought on by immigration for those here in the Dominican Republic. With all this new knowledge, our guest speaker welcomed any question that anyone had after the video and took her time to respond to our questions thoughtfully and completely. After our Q and A, we thanked our guest speaker for taking the time from her day to come and teach us something we didn’t knew before and opening our eyes to the problems other people are facing on a daily in other parts of the world.

Later on, we had an immigration lawyer stop by our location to talk to us about his job focusing on immigration cases and those which he has dealt with before and his experiences as a lawyer. He spoke to us about his job as well as encouraging any questions from all of us and answering all of those which were thrown his way. I felt that this allowed all of the students to get a better insight on just how much comes with working as a lawyer and allowing us to hear about his cases and success stories as well as the difficult cases brought to him helped us realize so many people are fighting these issues of immigration.

Having given a big thanks to our guest, we then got ready to walk to our English tutoring classes. At the school, we had our 2 hour tutoring session and went through our lessons for the day with our students until 6 pm. When our classes ended all of the global glimpse students gathered back together and headed back to our hostel for dinner. After a good dinner, we headed into small groups for some self reflection time among us to discuss our thoughts about the topic of the day and the many aspects of immigration in order to reflect on our emotion we ad been feeling through the day. Finally, at the end of our day I got some feedback from a couple people about my leadership skills that they notice about me throughout this day for me. Allowing feedback help me figure out slight areas of improvements which honestly makes feel feel good because I know that with this feedback I will be able to be an even more amazing leader in the future. Ending this night off, I passed down the torch of leader of the day to those leading us tomorrow in the journey that to come and gave them my best wishes!