Hi families and friends! It’s Saly, Arash, and Annie, the Leaders for Immigration Day. Today, we took another music-filled bus drive over to Elias Pina, the province at the Dominican and Haitian border.

We met Peace Corps tour guides, Alex and Oscar, who gave us the Taino Tour of the Museo De La Cultura Fronteriza (museum of border culture). Inside we were exposed to the different cultural and religious aspects of the Dominican and Haitian lifestyles.

We visited the crowded market where luckily we all stuck together to get through. The majority of the market consisted of Haitian vendors selling their wares.

After crossing the busy market we made our way to a little pavilion where we played “Do you know who Pepe is?” and everyone stared at us crazy foreigners.

We then made our way to the library, where we met a lawyer who spoke about the issues of immigration between the DR and Haiti. We also met two youths from Haiti with whom Saly spoke excellent French. By this point we all hungrily walked to La Fuente, where Adelaida presented us with a wonderful lunch. Our fantastic PCs Miguel and Sixto were sitting with us at the tables where they shared their deep insights of life with us.

As the days go by, their importance and guidance increases exponentially. Stuffed full, we hopped back on the bus where we listened to Sehar (a Global Glimpse Leader) drop some sick rhymes. We arrived home to a bit of free time before going to school to teach English. Even though we got rained on, we still made it safely to the building and got to work.

Once we were done we walked to Rosaura’s for some filling dinner before coming back to our accommodations to discuss our thoughts on immigration and how it affected culture. We also compared the similar issues between the DR and the US. Ending the evening with a nightly meeting, we have opened our eyes to new perspectives and information regarding immigration and history. We miss you all, but we promise we are having fun and hope to see what the next day will hold!


P.S. Arash loves and misses his entire family 😀 <3

P.P.S. Ma, Reila, or Mimi, can you please comment? 🙂 -Saly


;3c -Annie