Today we were faced with the reality challenge of living with a dollar for the day. We began the challenge with taking bucket showers and not being able to use any sort of electricity. Our breakfast consisted of beans, white bread and water ,which was different from our fresh squeezed tropical juice and the delicious meals from the cooking staff.

Following our breakfast, we took a field trip to Isiqui-Miraflor which is a rural community on the countryside of Nicaragua. There, we were welcomed by 10 host families that took each student in as one of their own and showed us their daily routines. The Glimpsers did not just shadow but participated in their daily lives by doing laundry on a rock with just soap, and making tortillas from scratch from the kernel of the corn to its final product. Also, they swept dirt floors which led to lovely conversations about their lives and passions for the future. During lunch hours the Glimpsers even brought their host families lunches and dined in their homes. After lunch, we had deeper conversations with the families and got to know more about them on a serious note.

As leaders of the day, we saw joyful smiles of our fellow glimpsers that showed how much they enjoyed the experience but they were left wanting to do more. Overall, the experience helped us to realize how fortunate we are and how we shouldn’t take what we have at home  for granted.

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