Dear Family and Friends,

We were all a little nervous about spending our fourth of July in Ecuador away from family and friends, but I think I could speak for the group that here is starting to feel more and more like home. Today was one of our less structured days on the trip, it was a free day so we spent a lot of our time traveling the city and interacting with each other. Initially, a lot of people felt a little homesick waking up this morning because they were missing the holiday and most of us got a chance to speak to family which triggered an emotional response from the group. As the day went along though, I felt the group dynamic shift almost as if we all bonded over missing our families and it made us all closer and more comfortable. Maybe it’s not that here is starting to feel more like home but we all are starting to feel more like family.

Additionally, I would like to take time to thank our chef and his team, Cesar, for his effort in today’s meals to make us feel at home by playing American music in the restaurant and serving American food: Pancakes, Hamburgers, and Pizza.

Today we did a lot of everything. When considering what made me feel and what inspired me I would have to say above all I was inspired by my peers. Each of them brings a unique aspect to the group and I am constantly learning and growing every day from them. I am grateful for all the parents and guardians back in the States for allowing your student to participate in the Global Glimpse experience.

Restaurante Nativa for 4th of July dinner


group shot at Parque Maldonado


Hats are a key part of sun protection.