July 11, 2014

We began the day at an ungodly hour–5 AM–to get an early start to our day, make it to our patron businesses in time, and fully experience how early a true Nicaraguan’s day starts off. Instead of our usual sit-down meal, our group packed breakfast to eat at the marketplace.


We arrived at the market around 6 AM and broke into groups to head to our respective businesses. Business types consisted of produce stalls, small stores, and vegetable deliveries. Everybody had different experiences, ranging from selling cookies to measuring pounds of rice to making deliveries across the city. Marketplace jargon was picked up by all non-Spanish speakers! Today’s activity proved to be a challenge, as many of us were forced to stand on our feet and work hard for the full 6 hour shift.


After a long and difficult morning, we returned to the comedor to scarf down a nutritious meal of “Chinese” fried rice, salad, and a new drink called Chia y Tamarindo.


After the refreshing plates of food, we walked back to the hostel to prepare for four hours of free time. Some of us spent it catching up on sleep, but others went out to the cybercafe, Tio Antonio’s hammock factory, or Eskimo to enjoy a welcome scoop of ice cream. We then returned from our activities and gathered for dinner and our English tutoring sessions. After that, we spontaneously decided to grab pizza to make up for our small dinner.


At the nightly meeting, we, Los Lideres del Dia, passed on the torch to Alex and Jada to continue the tradition of leadership. We wish them good luck!