Our day started early with the sun barely rising over the tops of the houses and animals, nocturnal in nature, going to their homes for sleep. We, forever groggy and craving our beds, crawled from our beds and into the dining rooms where we mechanically devoured copious amounts of fruit and toast. Within a matter of minutes we climbed on Nicaraguan public transportation for the first time, introducing us to how close the community of Esteli truly is. By seven o clock we were through the metal doors of Colegio de Monjas, a catholic high school which taught kids ages 11 to 17. Pure Spanish flowed from mouth to ear like music binding each of us as it tried its best to make us understand, and in certain instances it was successful. By the time we left the school each of us was gifted with a plethora of new words, phrases, and jokes which followed us even now as we prepare for bed. Free time followed our field trip in which the entire group got the opportunity to take advantage of some much needed sleep or go out and explore the beautiful city. Emotions ran high and a connection was formed as we realized that we are bound by more than just the shared similarity of a trip but  instead by a chain of shared experiences and endless love. Our trip so far has been an enlightening one and has allowed us to see outside our personal issues into the needs of a group. It’s a truly amazing experience. For now, however, I can barely keep my eyes open as it is late here, so sign off time. Peace and love everyone. Namaste.