Early morning wake up call started our journey for the day. We were so surprised that everyone in the Global Glimpse group participated and collaborated with the bucket showers. The majority of the group feared that they would not have enough water to cleanse themselves, but managed otherwise. Aside from that we had breakfast which was Gallo Pinto (everyones favorite) and ice cold water bottles. We left satisfied and continued exploring heading over to El Pantanal (which is 15 minutes away from the outskirts of Granada). People in the community of el Pantanal  were perceived as energetic and bright individuals by our global glimpse family. “My experience throughout the day was a matter of self-reflection to really value the life I have and the things my parents have given me. As soon as all the glimpsers were situated in their homes the experience truly began for each individual which was a day of  being in a hard working environment but also having the opportunity to have a broader perspective of what reality really looks like . The family I was a part of were really welcoming and open to answering any curious questions we had. I learned many new things of what its like to live with a family of four and learn from them such as the way they do chores”(Brenda Paramo). After we got to meet the families we walked over to the school in the communities and had a surprise for the little children! We had lunch with them and spent the remainder of the time  breaking the two Pinata’s. The children were all content breaking the pinatas with the group.

That was half of today and another part of today was teaching English! “I was so impressed by the people I worked with because they knew a lot of English words and were really enthusiastic. When we walked into the English class we interacted as much as possible and then wrapped up with a game. Everyone wanted to participate and seemed very thankful for us being able to offer English.” (Christy Rojas)

Besos from Nicaragua to all our family members and thank you for checking this blog!

P.S  Happy Birthday to Claudia Corona from her big brother Carlos.