On 08/08/14 we, Chanei and Jessenia, were the leaders of the second fun day so far.  We started our day at 4am in the morning making sandwiches for lunch in the afternoon. After this we woke everyone up so we could experience Nicaragua’s famous cookie in the city of Somoto. After touring and tasting the Rosquilla cookies we headed to the Somoto Canyon where we spent the majority of our day. We hiked, swam, jumped from tummy-twisting rocks into the water and made our way onto a rowboat. From the slippery rocks, the falls and the sea snake that we spotted, everyone’s commitment to getting through the canyon helped make us successful as being leaders. As El Liders Del Dia, we had to make sure everyone was energized and in good condition to keep their motivation going for the entire tour.

As for being ELDD’s, we can agree that something we are most proud of was being able to inspire our peers. This really wouldn’t be possible without Dennis our GG coordinator. He kept everyone on their toes. He was the head of the game; when anyone got stubbed a toe or tripped on a rock, he was right by their side to make sure that everything was OK. While being  the leaders of the day we both agree that there were moments when we were faced with challenges because we not only had to make sure that everyone was together and accounted for but we also wanted to have fun ourselves.  Personally, we learned that teamwork makes the dream work. Without everyone’s effort we wouldn’t have been as successful leaders as we were.

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