IMGP4650       Hello Glimpser parents!  I’m Jennifer, today’s leader of the day.  Today’s theme was Global Business.  We visited a finca, or farm, called El Cortigo, which supplies ISNAYA (a natural medicines company) with medicinal plants.  We learned about ISNAYA’s purpose and its work.  After lunch at Buffet Esteli, we returned to the finca and learned how to make an anti-mosquito lotion.  It was quite a simple process.  Unfortunately, only three people got to make the lotion personally.  But we got to take some lotion back with us!  Then we had a tour around the finca.  We saw many of the plants that El Cortigo grows and prepares for the ISNAYA lab in Esteli, which manufactures about 54 different kinds of products (teas, ointments, lotions, tinctures, etc).  Overall, today was a fantastic day and an interesting experience that we will not forget.

Thank you all for reading!  Have a good night.

Sincerely, Jennifer Kot