Hola from Nicaragua! Today the Jinotega crew learned about education in Nicaragua. Later on in the day, we went to Gabriella Mistral Elementary School. We went to the student’s classes and observed the learning environment. Later on in the day my peer Jason and I put our bargaining and spanish speaking skills to the test. We were provided with a budget to get 3 piñatas and candy to fill them with with only 900 cordobas. We had bargained the total price of the piñatas down by 100 cordobas. After our successful venture we went back to our hostel and filled the piñatas with candy. Our crew then went back to the school and destroyed the piñatas with the kids. Being El Lider Del Dia for today was an amazing experience. I learned that I should not be afraid to make mistakes so that I could learn and absorb the knowledge i’m provided from making mistakes. There is more fun yet to come!