Hola HOLA Global Glimpers and Families!

My name is Juliana Valencia and I happen to be another Global Glimpse Leader this year. I am so thrilled to be joining team Panamá! I am honored to embark on this experience with you this year. 

This actually happens to be my first trip with Global Glimpse! As a high school student, I was a summer searcher and I had an experience similar to Global Glimpse but with a different organization in the beautiful country of Guatemala. That trip transformed my life and shaped me into who I am today. At the beginning of this school year, I heard about this opportunity and the mission of this organization – I said, “SAY NO MORE, I’M IN”. I still treasure my past experience as an alum and I now would love to continue to witness, create and flourish with you all on this next trip to Panamá! Since Guatemala, I have taken advantage of any opportunity to leave the country and explore more of the world. Surprise, I love to travel too.

Panamá will be my 11th country and I don’t plan on stopping! I love immersing myself in any space that allows me to witness how other people think, practice, and value their culture. I consider traveling to be another classroom that continuously teaches you that you never stop learning. Besides being a traveler, I am a teacher! I am currently wrapping up my last year at Gateway High School as a Spanish teacher. Additionally, I consider myself a fragrance lover, the best karaoke partner you’ll ever have! Oh, and I also love to take photographs. 

Ecstatic to meet you all soon TA1A!


Juliana Valencia