Hello all,

Today’s leaders of the day (LDDs) were Amber and Tomas. Wake up call was at 7 AM and breakfast was at 7:30 AM at Nativas. As we walked to breakfast, it began to rain which was a nice change in comparison to Ecuador’s normally sunny weather. For breakfast, we had pancakes (yay!!!) with a fruity sauce, eggs, fruit, and hot chocolate or tea.

After breakfast we came back to the hostel and discussed the question and quote of the day(). We learned a bit about the poverty situation in Ecuador and the organization we would be working with today. In Ecuador there is a huge gap between the rich and the poor and is 87th on the OECC measure of poverty. Today we saw it first hand when we went to work with Manitos Trabajadoras, an organization which helps kids working on the street by organizing activities for them and giving them lunch on Saturdays.

We split into 4 groups, each with a different GGL. We then found a partner and were paired with one of the kids. From there everyone helped the kids shining shoes, selling items like bracelets, ice cream, cotton candy, candy, or a whipped cream-like food on a cone.

After two hours of working with the kids, we ate lunch, chicken and rice, with them. Then we played games with the kids so they could win prizes (donations of clothes). It was a lot of fun and we really connected with the kids. After the games, Javier talked to us about how greatful he and the kids were for our participation. We said our goodbyes and walked to Plaza Roja where we got picked up by the bus. When we arrived back at the hostel, we discussed the question and quote of the day again, and how it related to the day and the experiences we just had.

Next we continued work on our CAP prep before presenting our ideas to the representatives from Carlos Garbay, who gave us feedback on our ideas for their school. We will be making some changes to our projects creating cubbies, a place for changing babies’ diapers, and a fence for stopping balls from rolling down the hill. After that we went down to the backyard where everyone got into a circle except for 4 random people who got into the center of the circle. Cookies were placed on their foreheads and they had to get the cookies to their mouths without using their hands. We got a bit of free time after that, followed by pizza for dinner!!! We have another big day tomorrow, getting up at 5 in the morning, and have an early lights out time tonight. Until then.

Your LDDs,

Amber and Tomas