After a very early wake up time of 6:30am,  the glimpsers got briefed on the day and headed to the dump here in Constanza. It was a great learning experience for us glimpsers as not only did we learn life lessons like not to judge someone based on their life circumstances,  but it made for good discussion when we came back. Students brought up topics like taking more advantage of the opportunities they have in the United States instead of squandering them, they talked about giving more to communities like this around the world as well as in their own neighborhoods.

After a mandatory shower from our field trip, we continued our journey into deconstructing poverty. Our next destination was la escuela, Cecani, where we did more than play and entertain. We learned of homeless and foster care youth.  These kids face a harsh reality on a daily basis with many coming from broken homes or none existent at all. Our guide for the evening had a heart of gold explaining his relationship with these children, and how he looks after them, inspirations and all. 

Later in the day we prepared to pitch the Community Action Project idea that we had worked so hard on. After intently listening to what the community members said they wanted, ideas were bounced back and forth and a conclusion was reached. Finally, the Glimpsers hectic day came to a slower pace and the normal routine continued. We learned how easy and simple it is to make a change, to gather a city council, have a plan, and a desire to make a change. The smiles were contagious, love won and prospered. Onto another day tomorrow for more learning. Bendiciones.