Today was Deconstructing Poverty Day. This morning we woke up at 8:00 and had breakfast at 9:00 @ Roma Santa. For breakfast we had sausages, bread, yogurt and cereal. We discussed the mental warm up with the group about Deconstructing Poverty. From breakfast we walked to Parque Maldonado and spent time with the kids from Manitos Trabajadoras. We started off playing a game with the kids called Sharks and Minos. We later split up into 6 groups assigned with a specific task with the working kids. Some of the jobs consisted of shoe shining, selling cotton candy, ice cream, Jello candy and bracelets. After working for about 2 hours we met back with the group at Parque Maldonado and had lunch with all the kids. For lunch we had rice, chicken and a side salad. Shortly after we said our final goodbyes to the children and walked backed to the hotel for a guest speaker from Manitos Trabajadoras. Manitos Trabajadoras has been a working project now for around 10 years and it’s main goal is to allow kids the opportunity to live their life as kids and not as child workers. They have over 100 kids age ranging from 4-18 years old coming together every Saturday to make their life a bit sweeter. The hope for Manitos Trabajdoras is to become a official organization to allow the working children to stop working and focus on their life as kids. After the guest speaker we had 1 hour of free time which allowed GG students to do varies things like getting ice cream, coffee, phone calls home, etc.. Later in the day we had a time to construct our Letters of Appreciation to all the supporters of Global Glimpse. From this activity we walked to Roma Santa for dinner where we had, mashed potatoes, beef, and mixed vegetables. From dinner we walked back to the hotel for our Deconstructing Poverty group reflection. We took time to discuss the similarities and differences between Ecuador and the US. Shortly after we had our daily nightly meeting where we shouted out our highlights of our day, thorn and roses, big love and the agenda for the next day. Tonight we get ready for our Chimborazo hike that we all have been waiting for!

See you soon!

Mark & Cynthia