Greetings to all Friends and Family,

Today, the leaders of the day had to wake up at 6am in order to get the other Glimpsers up at 7am. Although some people went to play basketball early in the morning, everyone was on time for breakfast. Breakfast was sandwiches with ham & cheese, along with a tasty tamarind water. After breakfast we had our daily mental warm up, where we learned more about Constanza’s dump and what to expect from it. After learning more about the dump, we headed out on our bus with our driver, Sandy.

At the dump, we split into four groups that all had different workers with us. The workers shared some of their struggles along with their daily lives at the dump. It was an eye-opening, humbling experience for all of us because we realized how these workers choose to live a life of hard work instead of taking the easy way out and committing crime. We also flew kites with some of the workers. Kite flying with the workers was a fun experience!

Unfortunately, our day was cut short but it was a learning and bonding experience for all of us on the trip! Today was an emotional roller coaster, but luckily everyone is safe and sound. We hope that all of you are at ease and find comfort knowing that everyone is alright. May all of you have a wonderful day and we hope you enjoyed reading today’s blog.

-Carolina & Joe p.s (Hi Mom from Joe)

Pictures to be posted later