How is everyone doing? Miss us?Hope you guys are super excited to read about another adventurous day. So why don’t you hang on and read along.

After having breakfast with our friends at Dilenia’s, we headed out to CECAINI. CECAINI is the school where we are doing our CAP (community action project) Our time at  CECAINI was full of activities with the kids such as face painting, playing basketball, finger paint and drawing. Being there for just a little time always makes our day because those kids go through so much in their lives that when they get to play with us they forget the problems they have. We also had he opportunity to present our ideas for our CAP to community members at CECAINI. We had plenty of ideas such as painting a mural, planting trees, repainting he basketball court, and purifying water for the students a the school.

Our next adventure was to visit the Constanza’s dump. Seeing the dump opened many of our eyes. The emotion that we felt was unexplainable, there were no words. Seeing that people actually live there and seeing kids there was just so heartbreaking. It caused us to realize what poverty is and how the world can be so unfair. Many of us did not know how to react, but we kept strong and enjoyed our time there and really communicated with the people that live and work there. Jose Miguel who has lived there since 1995 showed us the around the dump and introduced us to his community and the people that live there. When we were asking José questions he got really emotional and we wanted to put a smile on his face. So we decided to do his favorite thing which is create kites and fly them. Seeing their faces and seeing a smile on their face made one feel joyful because these people were having fun. They forgot about their problems, that they lived in a dump and they don’t really have anything. For them the dump is their home, these people protect their home from people that have a bad vibe. They welcome anyone who comes with respect and good intentions

Today I am very proud of our group. We really came together and worked together to make people happy and to make a change in people lives and communities. We are learning every day and it is very interesting and very touching to learn new things. Sometimes we don’t realize that our lives are so different even though we are all people and there is little difference between us besides our status. Overall, today was a great day and a day that we feel like we will never forget because it touched our hearts. We are uploading pictures about today and we apologize for not uploading a picture of the dump, but we did not want to make the people there uncomfortable by photographing them.

Hope you enjoyed reading about what we learned and did today! Thanks for tuning in and reading today’s blog! See you next time!