Hey Guys Marissa and Kaitlyn here!

Today was day nine of the trip and it was truly insightful, it was Deconstructing Poverty Day. After breakfast, we headed to NutreHogar which is an organization that provides care to malnourished children from ages 0-5 years old. When we arrived to our destination we were greeted by a beautiful baby girl and soon our informational tour of the building began. We were able to learn that parents from an indigenous community walk hours upon hours to give their children the care they need. Another thing is that the staff at this organization work day and night to make sure these babies are happy and healthy. The entire group of us glimpsers really enjoyed today, whether that meant folding clothes, cleaning doors and railings, or playing with/feeding the babies. Today was a bit more impactful on us, it was very hard to say goodbye because of the strong connections we made with the children in so little time.

Today was also our second to last day of English Tutoring! Although the language barrier can be difficult for many including myself. I have been able to learn some Spanish through the process! It is amazing that we have been so lucky to teach these students and I know it’s going to be hard to leave them, but the time we have shared is something I know I will remember for life! Let’s make our last class count!

Upon arriving back from English Tutoring, we had thirty minutes to prep for the CAP (Community Action Project) Presentation for Robert and Isabelle (TORTUGAS Pedasí). The presentation went absolutely amazing, we will be working on the hatcheries, mural, beach clean up, and video over the next 3 days. We are all SO ECSTATIC to have the opportunity to do this!

To close off tonight we had a more personal activity that allowed us to open up to each other including our GGL’s (Laura and Jason), PC’s (Lucas and Erick), and Med Fellow (Lydia). We were able to gain a deeper understanding for one another and realize that we are all connected in someway.

Being LDD can be tough, but that is the point of this. We are supposed to challenge and push ourselves. I ended up having a great day despite the stress! Always remember to exemplify the 3C’s (Courage, Commitment, and Compassion)!

Mom, Dad, Grams, Gramps, Uncle J, Tía Corinna, Kingston, Jax, and to all my friends reading the blog. I miss you guys so much and I absolutely cannot wait to share with you my experience here in Panamá. I love you guys! And grandma keep up the comments my group loves them so much!

Big Love,