Hey everyone!!

Today was eventful. We started off our day at 6:30, and we had pancakes and bananas with pineapple juice for breakfast. After breakfast we took a 20 minute bus ride to the municipal dump. At the dump we met Jesse, a Christian missionary, and he spoke to us about his life and the work he does here in Nicaragua. Jesse visits the dump twice a week (Mondays and Wednesdays) to serve lunch and share the gospel with the workers there. We were able to meet some of the workers who were very kind and welcoming. We also served lunch to the workers there and we interacted with them. Right after the dump, we came back to the hostel and took mandatory showers because the dump was muddy and dirty. After the showers, a man named Ronnie came by to collect our laundry – he weighed our laundry and he collected money based on how heavy our load was.

Afterwards, we had a group reflection about our experiences at the dump, and we had lunch. Lunch was delicious, we had spaghetti and meatballs with melon juice. The liders del dia, Iris and Leila, ate lunch with Global Glimpse’s International Accountant, Yader. We discovered that Yader actually learned English through the Global Glimpse English tutoring program in Leon, Nicaragua, and is coming to the United States for the first time in September!

Then at 2:45, we took a trip to Centro Juan Pablo II, where we will be doing our CAP (Community Action Project) Project. We met the director of the learning center and she gave us a tour of the center. We were also able to see the previous delegation’s work which was very beautiful. By touring the center, our delegation was able to brainstorm ideas for our CAP Project. We then came back to the hostel to eat dinner which was Gallo pinto and empanada mondolos (fried plantain) with Jamaica juice.

After dinner we had our second day of English tutoring. Most of us felt that today was a more productive day compared to our first day of tutoring. We came back to our hostel to have our nightly meeting where the whole group reflected on the days activities and talked about tomorrow’s schedule. Now here we are writing the blog! Stay updated and don’t forget to check tomorrow’s blog!

With lots of love,

Iris Wen and Leila Salgado 🙂


Where we will be doing our CAP project!

English tutoring!