The topic of today was deconstructing poverty. Out of respect we were not allowed to take pictures of the communities we visited today. We gained a better understanding of the cycle of poverty as we visited a dump and a children’s shelter. At the dump we spoke to a few workers and learned about how they separated trash by plastic, copper, and metal. We also found out that the job is passed down through generations. Something that surprised us was that one guy has been working there since he was 8 years old.

The next place we went was called La Fundacion Luis Terror Dias. Here we listened to a speech from Oscar Lopez. He explained to us that he wanted to provide an opportunity for children who came from families that were broken apart by drug abuse, violence, or the death of a parent. After the speech we were able to build kites with the children at the shelter. Both of these were great experiences that helped me realize how difficult it is to escape the cycle of poverty, but also to see how happy people were and how they have created such a close community.

Until tomorrow,

Kiana and Brandolee