We started our day off by going to the Dump (landfill) where we interviewed four of the divers that work there. The divers that we interviewed informed us about the work that they do and how little they get paid for it. This was a real eye opener for all of us seeing that they work there for up to 12 hours a day collecting scraps of plastic, glass, metals, etc. that we find useless;. However, it’s how they make their living. Later in the day, we went to Cecini, a school for students who have been emotionally, mentally or physically abused. While at Cecini, we had the chance to play with the kids and have a fun day with them. When we got back we had a group reflection answering the question of the day which was, What are the root causes of the poverty that you saw today? What is needed to break the cycle of poverty? Then, we finished the day on a lighthearted note by visiting a local bakery/ice cream shop….and that was sweet!!