Greetings family and friends from Serena and Jonathan!

Yesterday was a very emotional day. We were not able to post the blog yesterday due to today being live like a local day, meaning that we had no electricity or running water for a day. Yesterday was deconstructing poverty day. We went to the Dump which is also the home of the people who work there. They spoke to us about their lives and to our surprise their conditions weren’t that good. They informed us that they have to work 12 hour days and they have no minimum wage. They only make money based on what they find. There has recently been a law passed that makes it illegal for children to work at the dump, but when we went there a few children were still working. They pick up food like potatoes and onions that could be resold in the market. Many of the men and women have been working in the dump for more than 10 years. Despite their conditions, they welcomed us with bright smiles and positivity. Some informed us that they actually enjoy doing the jobs no one else want to do. They appreciate what they have even if they don’t have a lot and like when people come talk to them. Their faith in God keeps their hopes and spirits alive.

After the dump we went to Cecaini. This is a school for children whose parents work in the dump and they don’t want the children to have to work in these conditions. Cecaini was founded by a Pastor named Eufemia Gil. He believes that education is the way out of the dump. They recently opened another school and are able to provide breakfast and lunch to students as an incentive for coming to school. We played basketball, volleyball, and soccer with the school children, and it was so hard to say goodbye.

Most of all, yesterday we learned that the little things can make you happy. We miss you all and learn more and more each day. Can’t wait to share our experiences with you guys! Love you all! <3