Today was an early start for what turned out to be a vulnerable day for all. Dolly, Sherica and I were leaders of the day and woke everyone up at 6:30 am. We had a breakfast of scrambled eggs and bread, with mango pineapple juice, cooked by our amazing cook Licelot and her helper Pamela

We then engaged in a very sensitive but insightful activity. The Global Glimpse leaders asked us a series of questions about the type of privileges we have in our lives, and we took steps forward with our eyes closed. At the end, we opened our eyes and saw how some students were far ahead and some were far back.This activity showed how people can have an “advantage” or “head start” in life. Afterwards, we reflected on how lucky we were to have the privileges we all have as Americans.

After the privilege walk, we visited the local garbage dump and spoke with busos, or workers who sort through trash to find recyclables or salvagable items to make ends meet. Some of these workers had recently lost their families but were still working and positive, and many of these workers had worked at the dump for most of their lives.

We were fortunate enough to speak with Junior, an inspirational man who experienced poverty himself growing up in a orphanage but was willing enough to share his story with us and share what motivated him to start his own organization, La Fundacion Alba y Ocaso. His organization seeks to break the cycle of poverty by providing children education and opportunities. We also met Marisol Diaz and Crucito Quezada, who run a schools for the kids in La Fundacion.  We went to the basketball court with the kids that the organization serves. We colored with the children, painted their faces and of course, played basketball. We shared thanks and big love over snacks, and said farewell.

We then headed to a restaurant called Platanitos and ate lunch with Junior. We had bandera, which is rice, beans, chicken, and plantains. We then went back to the accommodation and had another chance to explore Bonao with Global Glimpse ambassadors. Some of us played  volleyball, taps, and baseball.

In the evening, we wrote letters of appreciation to supporters of Global Glimpse to thank them for making this experience possible, and tell them about how this trip impacted us as students and as people.

We wrapped up the day with our nightly meeting where we passed the leadership torch. We wish good luck to Kathleen and Jaelle <3