“Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”― L. Frank Baum

WIN_20150705_183428Well Glimpsers, what can I say? Get ready to call this place HOME for the next 18 days!!

As I write these words, most of you are probably getting the last of your packing done. Your parents may be next to you asking whether or not you forgot the bug spray.  I advise you to listen to them and double check you have it.

Most parents are probably a bit nervous if they are sending their kids away for the first time (or maybe the first time for such a long period).  To all parents, I want to send a simple and sincere message from the heart: your children are about to embark on the journey they’ll treasure for years to come! During this experience, your children will learn through experience and exposure about global issues, their minds and attitudes will be challenged and tested, and they will grow and mature as responsible global citizens.  We hope to plant the seed to help the next generation – your children! – to become tomorrow’s leaders by giving them opportunities to learn from and serve communities that may not look like their own. This will be an amazing opportunity for them.

Glimpsers, I don’t want to spoil anything so I hope that you come with open minds and open hearts. The DR is definitely not Kansas….er… California. So prepare yourselves for the learning experience of a lifetime!

Bring your “A” game, I’ll do the same.