You’ll forgive me for a day late post, considering we got back into San Francisco at midnight. I have never felt the urge to fall asleep standing up like I did this morning.

I have no photos from departure day, as it was a full day of commuting. After our last breakfast together as Glimpsers, we took a 2-hour bus ride back to Santiago and got on a plane to Newark, NJ and rushed through immigration reentry, baggage claim, customs, re-checking luggage, through TSA again and got on another plane to arrive in San Francisco 20 minutes early (!)

The fact that we were able to do all this on time and without incident I think speaks to the level of intelligence, responsibility and care that makes up this incredible group of teenagers. I am so sad that I will only be teaching 2 of these 17 rising seniors next year. These past 16 days told me that these students would be life long learners of mine, and they will be, but alas, not in my classroom. I’ll be spending most of today crying. No big deal.

Parents, I’d like to thank you for being so active on the blogs and arriving early and raising such beautiful and loving children. Having half of you already waiting in baggage claim with signs and dogs and kisses and luggage carousels. I apologize for my lack of wit or emotion, Ms. Awadalla and I were so tired!

The kids are already planning a C2A one-year reunion, and some are already thinking about CAP projects they can act out in their own communities. And I can’t think of a better takeaway from this experience then how we can best impact those close to us, as well as those far away. The love they showed others came back to them ten-fold. Just look at how people showed up for our kids:

I’d also like to thank Silvi and Fabi for making our stay in Constanza so friendly and warm (warmer than it was already). I have never felt such freedom to dance and sing and by day 2 this jovial attitude infected the entire group and the power it had to bring people together, bring students out of their shells…it was incredible. I have no reservations in saying that you two are my friends. Finally, thank you for training, quite possibly, the best ambassadors any travelers could ask for. They are beautiful gems and they are going to do such great things.