Hello All!

It’s Joanie and Yasmine here as liders del dia for the first day of our community action project delivery.  After waking up early and getting supplies our group headed over to the University of Panama, where our project is taking place.  We have three main objectives for our CAP: beautifying and repairing the bathrooms, painting a mural on campus, and constructing two small ramps to make it a more accessible campus.  Because our contractor for the ramps was unavailable, they split to help the other two groups for the day.


Those working on the mural started to sandpaper the wall first so the surface became smooth.  After the wall was suitable for painting, the group covered the area in white paint as a primer.  In addition, they painted an adjacent bench white and prepped another wall area for a possible 2nd mural.

Those working on the bathrooms decided to observe them all and ultimately choose three to work on first.  Without supplies to renovate, the group decided to deep clean 3 sets – tres damas/mujeres y tres hombres/caballeros banos.  These groups scrubbed the walls, toilets, and counters of each bathroom, as well as mopping the ground and wiping the mirrors.  Although the bathrooms were dirty, by working together (juntos) they were able to enjoy the work and scrub with smiling faces.  After the mural was primed and the bathrooms were clean we all met together and took a photo before leaving to return to the hotel.




We had free time out and around town and were able to get ice cream and go to the supermarket, but most decided to walk around the plaza to see the set-up of the festival for Santa Librada in Las Tablas, which is a four-day festival.  Then we had time to shower, nap, or journal.  After dinner and the nightly meeting, we had free time again, which we spent by watching the Santa Librada parade on the balcony right in front of the hotel as we are on main street.  Watching the parade pass was a once in a lifetime experience, therefore ending our day on a good note.

Goodbye for now –  Joanie & Yasmine – us on the bus on the way home.