Within the sweltering heat a hand extends painting a stroke contributing to a mural.

While many students paint mangrove trees, a special tree that only grows in salt water and is found on few coast lines, just down the hall students are making concrete to create ramps to help give access to differently abled students around the school. 

Between the two, another group of glimpsers were working away restoring the University’s restrooms, for use.  Just like the diversity between the projects, so were the people within my delegation.


Today was CAP day 2 and was very productive.  All the tasks mentioned above were our community action projects.  We spent our entire day, 9-5 working on these projects and working together. We made excellent progress. with a bit of frustration on my perspective as Lider del Dia. We first finished the bathroom renovation, completed 1 of the 2 ramps, and made some headway on the mural. Miguel really helped out because our contractor again did not show up and he knows a bit of construction.

Being el lider del dia was one of the biggest challenges for me during this trip, because I have never led a group so big before.  Being LDD was a great experience and not so great at the same time. First the good- everyone was so nice and cooperative.  All the groups had a good start on their projects and the bathroom group finished early.  The ramp group stayed late to finish one ramp. The mural group primed the wall and started painting the mangroves & the sea.

Now the Bad, I was scared and anxious and I really don’t know why.  BUt I just thought I was going to mess up.  I was also kinda frustrated because everything got messy.  Today I learned that it is good to talk things out express my frustrations so we can sort things out together and clean up the mess.