Today was the second free day of the trip and many things happened.  First, Kristina, Shalimar, Yasmine, & Shiloh went back to the University to finish the mural as part of the Community Action Project.  While they worked away, everyone else had free time, which was spent in different ways.  Some went to the internet, the supermarket, dropped off laundry, and more.

Afterwards, it was lunch and then more free time.  The original plan was to meet up with our ELL students in the plaza to tutor them while also enjoying the Pollera festival/competition.  Sadly, no students showed up, but some of us still watched the celebration from the balcony of our hotel.

A majority of us walked through the streets of Las Tablas to take a look at the booths and tents set up for gift shopping.  We also visited a thrift store, Cheaper, where many of us bought reused clothing.

A sudden rainstorm with lightning and pouring rain suddenly started.



We ended the night with bonding activities and discussions, which really demonstrated the group’s trust and comfort with each other.

With the end of the trip coming so soon, we all felt a change within ourselves that will continue when we are back in California.

Today’s Lider del dia-  Vivienne Tran