It’s Marylu, the lider del dia for this fun day.  Today we woke up super early at 7:45 and enjoyed a breakfast together per usual.

We then headed out for a 2 hour bus drive to Playa Venao.  The long and bumpy bus ride was definitely worth it.  Although it was raining when we initially arrived, it was still pretty warm.  Luckily the weather cleared up pretty soon and it stopped raining.  We were able to dip our feet in the ocean, which FYI was soooo warm!  We also enjoyed our time at the pool.  Some of us de-stressed with a game of beach volleyball, kicking the soccer ball around, and throwing a football.


Walking down the shore we also encountered beautiful horses playing freely.  Truly a sight straight out of a movie.

After our delicious pizza lunch (which had no chicken!) we went to a Jiu Jitsu class, were we learned hot to flip people and defend ourselves.  No one will be messing with TA2B!


We also found some swings on the beach where we had a blast swinging and taking pictures.  We took a ton of pictures, but the memories are definitely better.

Can’t wait for the glimpsers to tell you all ab out it very very soon!


PS  Our flight lands at 8:40pm in SFO- we go through customs in Houston already, so should be available for pickup as soon as 9pm.  See you all Thursday evening!