After a restful night, we woke up ready to go! We had a delicious breakfast of rice, beans, eggs, sweet bread, and avocado at LaFavorita Center.

We hopped on a bus to Diriamba where we met Marlon, a traditional Nicaraguan musician and dancer.  First, we engaged in a discussion with Marion about the history and significance of the dance and masks.  We were then treated to a private lesson of the dance and tried out some of these dance movements ourselves.




Our next stop was lunch at a traditional restaurant where everybody left with happy and full bellies!



The next cultural event of the day was visiting Jose Alfredo, a local pottery maker who exuded so much pride in his art, how and why he got into pottery making, and the importance it has in Nicaraguan culture and his family.  The students then got to show off their mad skills at the wheel making their masterpieces and painting their own vases to bring home.




After some down time at the hostel, students were introduced to English Language tutoring, one of the responsibilities they will have here in Nicaragua.  They spent time preparing their lessons for their first language session tomorrow!

Big Love Shout-Outs to:  Brandon for showing off his dance moves on the stage, Justin for translating when meeting with Jose Alfredo, Milla and Jennifer for sitting with the leaders at lunch to learn about how to be the first ‘Leaders of the Day’, and Basha for always being positive, real, and funny!