Today’s topic was CULTURA! The students focused on the role art plays in the Nicaraguan culture. during the morning part of the day, we visited “Casa de Cultura” where the Glimpsers got the opportunity to see how art is made with corn husks. Juan Carlos, a local artist, explained that in his workshop, himself and other artists make mosaics out of dyed corn husks. After, the students enjoyed making their own colorful cards, using wonderfully dyed corn husks. Everyone’s decorated cards turned out to be beautiful!


The second cultural and artistic trip of the day was our visit to don Alberto’s home. In order to get to don Alberto’s home, we took a bus out of town and up a mountain. When the bus dropped us off, we hiked up a beautiful green mountain to reach don Alberto. The students were amazed to see the sculptures don Alberto has made in the past 39 years. The sculptures are made up and around the mountain were the artist lives himself. The students were really impressed with don Alberto’s amazing personality. He is a humble and hardworking man that lives an extreme simple life, yet welcomed us with a lot of love.


At the end of the day, I was amazed to hear students reflections about today’s activities. Students shared that they admire how the Nicaraguan culture uses any resources they have available to create art. As every day passes, I continue to admire how the Glimpsers grow, learn, and work together! The 17 students in this delegation make an awesome team!

*****There was just a small and short earthquake, but we are all FINE! The glimspers were playing a game and we’re excited to continue it once it stopped! 🙂