Today we explored several aspects of Dominican Culture, made masks and learned traditional dances.  After breakfast we headed up to Felix’s house where we learned about the history of Carnaval and how each mask relates to an  individual city.  We had a demonstration and mask making workshop with Gato- a famous and fabulous mascara.

After a delicious lunch back at the hotel we then took a master dance class in Merengue and Bachata with Paul Rosado. The kids had a fabulous time. They finalized their dancing with an impromptu version of the Texas two step to Latin music!  What a day.  After stopping at the store for some snacks, we had dinner and then started on the service portion of our leadership trip- teaching English to the locals.  Students are writing lesson plans and getting ready to start teaching their first class tomorrow.

It’s been really exciting to see the students interact and bond with each other- playing cards and charades and meeting new friends- all without the aid of any electronic devices!