Yooooo!!! It’s your boy Elson King. I was Leader of the day for Fun day. Today was a fun day meaning we went to the beach/pool at las Tablas, Chitre. The weather was perfect today. At first we thought it was going to rain as it was cloudy when we stepped out in the morning. Things turn for the better because clouds cleared out, it was probably because I was the leader of the day. No one drown today which was a good thing. We spent about 4 hours at the beachfront hotel. We really enjoyed the food and some asked for seconds. We had a small photo shoot in the pool. Thanks to Amira she took photos on her phone for us. Some of us got our solo pics and the girls and boys had group pics. Everyone was tired after the beach. I took a really nice nap after the beach and I forgot to tell people it was time for dinner because I was taking a really nice nap. I’m just happy that everyone had a really nice day today since today is the last day we will be staying in Chrite. Being leader of the day is a lot of work. There’s some stuff that I have to work on as a leader. For example, time management, speaking up and lastly having confidence. I’ll try my best to get better at those things. Something I did good today as leader of the day was making sure everyone knew when lunch was and keeping up with the scheduled activities for the day.