The day we have all longed for after so many days of hard work, FUN DAY finally arrived ! We were really excited to get as much out of this day so we decided to tell  our Global Glimpsers a small white lie. Usually everyone takes so long to get ready, so like the smart people we are, we told everyone to wake up at 5:30 am, even though wake up was really at 6:00 am. Guess what ? It worked really well. Everyone was ready by 6:30 am and by 7 am we were on our way to conquest some fun. Before we took off we had breakfast to go on the bus. While Aaron was passing out breakfast like the great leader he is, his knees gave up on him and he screamed like a little girl and fell to the floor. Even though he claims the bus apparently hit a bump and that’s his “story”. After a bus ride, we finally arrived to our destination: National Park Masaya Volcano. This is an active volcano, yes, ACTIVE! This freaked everyone out at first and every one wanted to go back. BUT little did they know there was no turning back… Before going to see the volcano we went to the museum. There were millions of bats everywhere and everyone kept running away from them, besides me :). When we got up to the volcano, everyone was disappointed because they wanted to see lava but all we saw was smoke. Some crazy glimpsers literally thought it would be a great idea to jump in the volcano, but that’s none of me and Aaron’s business. When it was time to leave no one wanted to go because they were looking for volcanic rocks to keep as souvenirs.

DSCF0561    DSCF0560

It was time for our field trip to the city of Granada, where we visited “Cafe de las Sonrisas”. We were given a tour of this place and it was very heartwarming to see yet another organization that has a sole purpose of benefiting the people of Nicaragua. This organization focused on helping the youth of Granada that are mute and deaf by providing them with jobs within this cafe. The cafe had a beautiful atmosphere with hammocks all over in which some of us got to relax in. There were posters and paintings surrounding giving customers different words in sign language they could use to communicate with the workers there. We received smoothies, which were delicious ! The group decided to all sit on the biggest hammock the cafe had and some hurting themselves in the process. Our next stop was the central park in the city of Granada, in which we bought souvenirs. Then it was time for LUNCH to a chicken spot, TIP TOP, which is very famous in Nicaragua. Me, being a vegetarian didn’t condone this, but that’s no one’s business. Aaron had the BIGGEST piece of CHICKEN ( he wanted me to include this). As everyone devoured their pieces of chicken, I had a delicious salad and fries like a civil human being is supposed to. After finishing up everyone had a food coma and pot bellies so it was hard to get everyone going to our next destination..

DSCF0580     DSCF0578

The Monkey Hut, which is a resort that has a HUGE volcanic lagoon. After seeing it’s immensity and its beauty everyone came back to life from the food coma and ran to jump in. Everybody was so excited to swim and the canoes, surfboards, tubes, and floating rafts just added more excitement to everyone’s day. We all had a great time in the water with the various activities they had for us. After such a great day at the lagoon it was time to head back home unfortunately :(. Isaiah really didn’t want to go home he was all like “Why?????” Which was what everyone was thinking. Then we had a long bus ride back home to dinner, which was Quesadillas. After the greatest Fun day ever, we are left with only 2 more days until we say Goodbye Nicaragua and return home.