Hello from Bonao!!! The trip is off to an incredible start. We began today with a discussion on culture and the effect of imperialism on local cultures throughout the world. We followed this up with a trip to One Art where we learned the art of woodcrafting and everyone got a chance to create a work of art. From there we explored the city further, visiting the Plaza de la Cultura, a stop we had to skip due to rain on our city tour yesterday. We explored a museum with a tour next to the Plaza, and that was just our morning!

After lunch we learned how to dance the Bachata and the Merengue. Then we got to see and participate in a traditional Carnival Dance. While reticent at first, everyone in the group was on their feet and dancing in the end. We returned to the orphanage to engage in an English Tutoring Seminar before planning our first lesson. English tutoring begins tomorrow, and with energy and spirits high, our Glimpsers are ready for the challenge.

We shared stories on why we joined Global Glimpse and reflected on our first two days during the nightly meeting. It’s incredible how much we’ve done and how much we’ve grown in only two days, and we’re all excited for the adventures that await. Until tomorrow B1A fans.

Ryan, Roxane, and the B1A Glimpsers