Today we woke up at 8:30 a.m. to head to the cafe for breakfast. After that, we went back to the hotel to sign out in groups of four for our free time in town. Some of the groups went to the mall, others went to do their nails however, I decided to catch up on some sleep because ya boy was tired. Then we all got together in the hotel so we can go to get lunch. After lunch we had additional free time and continued our adventures in the town of Chitre. We headed out to our final English tutoring session and it was a bittersweet moment as we taught our last class and said our final goodbyes. Tonight was a celebration for our students as they completed a total of 40 hours of English tutoring, We commenced this special moment by handing them certificates and cake. They also joined us while we danced the cha cha slide. We then headed to dinner. Our Global Glimpse Leaders decided to bring all of us to get fish at “Don choco.” We were pleasantly surprised by marching band marching the streets of Chitre. We marched down with the band and became filled with energy throughout their performance. Tonight’s events help all of us bond as we danced to every beat and laughed like we haven’t before. These are the memories that we will all remember and enjoy. We finally ended the night with our nightly meeting, I passed down the torch Elson. 

Shoutout to my family I miss you guys so much, I can’t wait to see you guys

Shoutout to my guys i’ll be home real soon, ball session when I get back 

Shoutout to my girlfriend I love you and miss you so much I can’t wait to hold you te amo loco



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