Que sopa a todos. Hey you guys this is Hilario and I’m here to tell you guys about one of the best days. So grab a cup of soda and sit down because you’re in for a treat. So me and the guys excluding Andrew went to play basketball and we had a game. If Ruben’s mom is reading this I scored a shot on a your son, but don’t be worried he beat all the boys in a game of 500. After our game we went to eat at the cafe and all the guys sat in a family table cause that’s what’s it’s All about. After me, Lamont, Ruben, and Darryl went to the stores where we bought items for our families <3. We went back to the hotel where we called our families. Dinner was delivered to the hotel. As I’m writing this people are watching TV, laughing and having the time of their lives. We miss all of you guys. So till next time, adios.

Hey it’s my turn now,  Andrew here, I’m going to tell you all about what the girls and I did today while the boys were off playing basketball. We went shopping all around the town of Chitre. We went shopping at a bunch of clothing stores and tried a bunch of stuff on. The girls and I then went to a super cute bakery that make the most delicious empanadas and while there, we spoke about how we could best spend our next free day. We then went to an Internet cafe where I attempted to contact my mom through email so mom if you read this before seeing my email please go read it. The rest of the day was spent as a collective in the common areas just having a blast also parents please remember to comment on the blog its super cute when we read them and everyone gets all mushy. Before I sign off I wanted to just say something I learned as leader today, I learned that it is a super hard position and that it’s something you can’t take lightly. We all love and miss you guys at home! This is Andrew signing off.