Today was Aid and Development and it was so much fun! To Start off the day, we headed to the University of Panama Los Santos.  We talked to the Director and some of the Administration about what we could do for our CAP (Community Action Project).

The Director discussed what the school needed and what we might be capable of doing. She spoke about making it more accessible and building a ramp to the cafeteria.  She also really wanted to have a recreation center and a place for students to bond with each other. The meeting was informative and really helped us get ideas.

Afterward, we headed back to the hotel where we enjoyed a nice meal of chicken!

Our Advanced English teachers are above.  They only had 2 students because it is finals this week at the university.

Our intermediate class only had one student but above are our teachers for that.

We had 2 sections of Beginning English and our room had 2 students, but tomorrow there will be more on Tuesday.

This section of Beginning had a lot more students- they kept trickling in so they had 7 by the middle of the time and Jeckson came over and helped with the one on one conversations.

A bit later we went back to the university for English tutoring, it was a brand new experience for most of us so it was very interesting!  It was nice to be a part of the students learning experiences and stories with them. Some people said it was the hardest thing they had done on the bus ride back to the hotel.

After a great day at the university, we headed back home to the hotel, started working on our designs for CAP and prepping for our 2nd tutoring class.

After dinner, I passed the torch to Allie and Maria.  – Aaliyah