Hi there, it’s Maria and Allie. Yesterday we were the leaders of our first free day! In the morning we had free time between breakfast and lunch, where some of us ran errands and others simply hung out. From playing video games at the local internet cafe to visiting the supermercado and lavandería, the morning gave us all time to explore Las Tablas.

We came back together for English tutoring, which went smoother than yesterday since we had a better idea of what classes were like. After tutoring, we had more free time, where most went to play soccer or volleyball. Getting to the fields was an experience within itself, as we had to ask a few locals for directions. However, this gave us the opportunity to see what the backroads of Las Tablas have to offer. When some of us arrived at the soccer field, we were met by two local kids; Pedro, who was twelve years old, and Carlitos, who was five. Both joined us in playing soccer, and after a good match, the Glimpsers headed back to our accommodations for dinner.


After dinner and our routine nightly meeting, we finished up the night with an intense game of Mafia in which we each got a card determining our role during the game. The objective was simple—as a group, figure out who were the four mafias. We were all so close to uncovering all four of them, however, we ran out of time to find the last one! After wrapping up the game we said our goodnights and headed off to our rooms.

First free day completed!