Hi Everybody! It’s Anh here. Today we had our global business day where we worked like locals.

After breakfast, we went to Elilin Hernandez’ workshop in Las Tablas.

He showed us how to make cutarras, otherwise known as the traditional sandals of Panama.  Elilin also told us about how he operated his business and about how he was working with many countries, such as Japan, South Africa, and the U.S. to distribute his cutarras.

We actually made our own cutarras and then he showed us his special techniques to make them.




Later we went back to the hotel to have lunch and change into our business casual clothing for English tutoring of the University students.  By 4 pm we were back for 2 hours of chill time before dinner.  Some of us decided to go and get gelato and ice cream.  Some people decided to use their extra time to make phone calls.

We also completed English prep for tomorrow (Thursday’s class) and went to pick up our laundry. We then played various card games- speed, war, spoons, etc.  In our reflection session on Global Business, after dinner we talked about how global businesses are impacting the local ones and what responsibilities do global businesses have towards local communities.

In the nightly meeting, I passed the torch to Sabrina and Carolina to be the joint Liders del Dia for Deconstructing Poverty.

Most of us were pretty tired and so we just went to bed after that, in preparation for an intense day tomorrow.

That’s all for now!

—Ahn Le