Hellooooo family and friends! We’re having a good time but we miss you all. Today we woke up at 7AM and had a full breakfast. After breakfast, we watched “The Last Ice Merchant”, a documentary featuring Baltazar Ushca and his life. Later, we went to the Guano museum and had a great opportunity to meet him in person! During our time at the museum, we saw a mummified body of one of the first rulers to travel to Ecuador and the process of making chola, a sweet bread. Next to the museum was a playground that had a zipline, swings, see-saws, slides, and a spinning wheel at which we all had an amazing time! After, we had thirty minutes of free time in the city of Guano where we shopped for souvenirs and snacked on ice cream. Following that, we had lunch and more free time in which Glimpsers got haircuts, crepes, ponchos, blankets, extra souvenirs, and shopped for CAP (Community Action Project). Towards the end of the day, we had dinner then came back to our hotel for our nightly meeting where we passedthe torch to tomorrow’s LDD’s and wrapped up for the night. Tomorrow y’all will be hearing from Haylin and Asia, Thursday’s LDD’s. The pair performed a skit that represented the social culture of the East Side. Thanks for coming to our TED talk. We’ll be home soon. <3 🙂