Hi, I am Casper. I am the first leader of the day! Yesterday night I felt a little nervous. It took me half an hour to fall in sleep. I woke up at 7.25a.m. to wake everyone up for our lovely breakfast (cereal and a lot of juicy fruit such as papaya, watermelon, pineapple and banana). After breakfast we had a seminar of an introduction of our CAP (Community Action Project). We discussed about if it is possible to have universal education in developing countries. We all had many questions that we really wanted to know more about the organization we would participate with in the afternoon.

After that, we had tutoring planning. I had lots of fun yesterday in my class. Most of my students are studying in college and they are really eager to learn English for a better future. They are pretty smart and since it was the first day, we got to know each others. In our conversation, they told me that they didn’t really understand the English grammar like the difference between present tense and past tense so I plan to teach them more about that.

After our planning, I went to buy a piñata and candies for the trip to Niños del Fortin, which is an organization that works providing services to children who have worked in the city dump with their families.  After our fabulous lunch –Indio Viejo and a boiled banana- we went to Niños del Fortin, where we played piñata with the kids and some soccer. The children were as young as 5 years old. Being there made me feel really bad because I can’t imagine that little kids like them have to work.

After that we came back to hostel and had our dinner ( pasta with chicken and avocado salad) and got ready for our next tutoring session. I talked with two college students today who are trying to be dentists in the future. They were really smart and they just wanted to improve their English so they can have better lives. I had a really nice day and I like how everyone showed their enthusiasm when they met new people. It is really late now and I have to sleep. Buenas noches!


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