Hi my name is Audel Contreras and I decided to join Global Glimpse because I wanted to experience something new, I wanted to step out of my comfort zone. Being here in Nicaragua is kind of crazy. Its day 4 today and we are barely getting used to the weather. But the culture and the ambient here is amazing. The people here are really nice. And the view of all of the volcanos is spectacular.


Today we focused on Politics. Politics is a very interesting topic. I personally love politics which is why I choose this day. I find politics interesting because politics is what runs all country’s. And its fun to learn about politics until you realize how corrupt politicians can be. Here in Nicaragua it seems that not all politicians are clean. We first did research on the most recent movement of Nicaragua which is the Nicaraguan Canal. This canal is supposed make transporting cargo a lot easier by being able to cross Nicaragua straight through the middle by boat. This is a very controversial idea that was passed by the president here. There was no say on this happening it just came up one day that the canal was to be built and it was to be funded by the Chinese. After talking about this topic we went to the museum on the revolution of Nicaragua. This was a amazing experience since we got to talk to two actual survivors of the war. At one point I got the opportunity to translate to the whole group what one the revolutionary’s was explaining to the group. This was amazing since I got to know him at a deeper level. It was crazy to find out all that these men fought for just to get their freedom. We then proceeded to go to the main square of the city and interview people from the city on their thoughts of the new canal that was being built. It was crazy that a lot of people did not know what exactly what was happening because of all the censorship that happened here in Nicaragua. We then did our last activity which was to have a debate on whether we supported the president of Nicaragua or if we did not. Thus part of the day got hectic but it was amazing how much passion everyone put into their side. Over all today was a good day.

Hopefully all of you are doing great and everything is going smoothly in San Jose. We are all doing great and we cant wait to see you guys!


Audel Contreras


(Also happy birthday to iyanna’s dad.<3 iyanna)