On July 10th, 2014, we experienced life living off of a dollar a day. This meant we were free of running water, electricity, and materialistic objects and snacks. Instead of using the lights in the room, we used flashlights to mimic the oil lamps used. We took bucket showers due to the lack of running water.

Approximately 1.5 billion people live on a dollar a day and 2.5 billion people live on less than two dollars a day, which means no running water or electricity.

We woke up at 4:30am. As usual, we had breakfast at Quiero Mas, but for breakfast and dinner, we only ate gallo pinto which is rice and beans.

We arrived at the community at 7am to work and help host families with daily activities. Different families had a variety of tasks such as cutting grass with machetes, digging wells, fetching water, and pulling weeds. Each group experienced a new lifestyle and perspective on rural life. At noon, each group brought their host family lunch and had conversations about similarities of life in Nicaragua and the US. After lunch, we said goodbye and thanked our host families for the amazing opportunity.

Despite being hungry and tired, we still planned our lessons and went to english tutoring.

All in all, the experience was eye opening, the impact of the challenge was well worth the hard work. We left feeling tired but that feeling tired yet¬†fulfilled. We will never forget this day due to the hospitality and open arms of our house families. Something that we will never forget are the wise words of our house mothers including this quote from Mama Candida, ” Never forget me and I will never forget you. Don’t judge people who are seen as beneath you, because we are all brothers and sisters. ¬†Remember to take advantage of all your opportunities.”

Gabby, Madi, Sabrina, & Shivani help dig a well.

Kate, Sherry, Jonathan, & Nia cut weeds with a machete.

Enya, Nicole, & Olivia help fill the water container

David, Kerry, Sharon, & Dante clear the field with Machetes and wood rakes.

Aasna, Diane, Becky, & Sunny with their family right before leaving.

Becky, Aasna, & Sunny with their family right before leaving.