What my peers and I learn today was organization because in order for us to do what we wanted, we had to be organized with the activities we wanted to do. Not everyone wanted to go to the same place, but we managed to figure everything out so everyone can be satisfied. What surprised me the most today was that everyone had fun even though some people didn’t want to do a specific activity. For example, myself, I didn’t want do the dancing class; I had to go because there was a less amount of people that didn’t want to go to the class. When I went, I had a great time; I thought that it was the most exciting activity throughout the whole day. What I was I proud most about myself was that I didn’t expect myself to be a good leader, I had some flaws but I felt that even with those flaws, I was a good leader. With my team, I was proud that they respect me as a leader and how they would be focused on me when I asked for their attention. The most inspiring person I met today was no one. However, yesterday during English class, I was talking to one my students and I was asking her about her life. She told me that her husband died in 2012 and how it affected her. She was explaining to me how life is hard without him, how it’s really hard to maintain her family. She has two kids, one 2 year old boy and a 5 year old girl. She described that in order for her to support her family; she has to have to keep her head up no matter what situation life hits you with. I thought this was very inspiring because it made me think about my life and how it would be like growing up without a father, if you really put your mind to it, it would be a really hard life to live, which leads me to keeping my head up for whatever situation. It was really frustrating, but I managed to maintain my group. All there is to do is be really patient because not everyone will listen to you when you want their attention, but other than that, it was really smooth. What I learned about myself today was I didn’t know I had a lot of responsibility in me. I can be really silly sometimes, but I manage to control when it comes to leadership opportunities like today.

Part of delegation out exploring the city of San Juan.

Part of the delegation out exploring the city of San Juan.