Hi! My name is Danielle and I was leader of the day today. Some of us woke up at 5:50 this morning to go to the gym or to go for a run . Then, at 7:30 the whole group was awake and preparing for breakfast at 8.  After breakfast we began our academic seminar about poverty ,which would help us prepare for our field trip to the dump.  We got on the party bus and drove 30 minutes to the local dump where we listened to a guest speaker talk about life as a picker at the dump. After the dump we came back to the hostel. Because of the toxic smoke at the dump we all had to shower immediately and give our clothing to a special laundry service. When everyone was finished showering we had a self reflection session where we talked about the affect that our experience at the dump had on each individual.  Next, we had a delicious lunch before watching a debatably  interesting documentary on the pickers of a brazilian dump and how art offered them a new life.  Later on, we had dinner and prepared for english tutoring .  It was obvious that the preparation payed off because every group declared that they had had a successful class during the nightly meeting. Today was a long day but overall very eye opening ! I think that everyone took something away from our experiences. I’m also glad to report that everyone is still feeling ok and that we haven’t had any sicknesses…yet. Knock on wood.

Your Lider Del Dia,

Danielle                                                                                                                     IMG_0497

P.S. to all the Davis moms we are all perfectly fine.  We are using bug spray…and we are not very home sick….sorry! See you in two weeks. 🙂  <3

P.S. Hey Noemi & Rudy Escobedo! I just wanted to remind you that on July  31st the form for our personalized learning period form is due. so please turn that in it should be in my room thanks- kelly  🙂