Our names our Henrietta and Beverly the two coordinators that will be helping to guide our eager glimpsers over the next few weeks along their journey.

We were more than excited to finally see the faces of E1B coming through the glass doors at the airport full of energy dispite a day of travelling. We greeted them with Nicaraguan words, Latin music and pizza.

As we settle into our cosy rooms for the night, in the capital of city,  we mull over the following quote, “one’s destination is never a place,  but a  new way of seeing things.” H M . Tomorrow we will be heading to our home city of Esteli and start to uncover how Nicaragua’s vibrant history has shaped it’s people.


Our leaders of the day will be the authors of this blog and we will entrust this duty over to them, it is a way for them to reflect on their day as a leader and highlight group activities. Please give as much love and support as you can via the blog and stay posted for all of our photos.

Buenas noches for now,

Henrietta and Beverly